Service Only

by EcoAir
Please contact our customer service by phone : (+44)20 8459 2458 or by email : to get your RMA number.
Service Only - Model Type

Dear Customer,

This is EcoAir Repair & Servicing, please contact our customer service by phone : (+44)20 8459 2458 or by email : before you purchase this service. Our customer service will be happy to assist you. Please note the parts replaced are chargeable.

Click here to add collection or/and delivery service for your product (to and from our workshop).
Note : Please select model type before your purchase.
(Up to 10L/day)
DD1 Mini, DD1 Classic, DD1 Simple, DD3 Classic, DD3 Simple, DD128, DCW10, DCW10 Simple
(11 to 30L/day)
DC12, DC14, DC18, Summit, Summit-S, Essential, Vebo, DC202, Arion 26 L
(More than 30L/day)
 Coming Soon
Portable Air Conditioning Artica 8000 BTU, Crystal 9000 BTU, Gelo 9000 BTU, Apollo 12000 BTU
Split Air Conditioning X Series 9000 BTU, X Series 12000 BTU, X Series 18000 BTU, X Series 24000 BTU, Bravo 24000 BTU

The warranty service is not available to you if the product you present is : 

  • Defaced
  • Modified
  • Altered
  • Damaged beyond repair, or in need of a repair (not included in the guarantee service) for example periodic maintenance and the repair or replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear. 

To the maximum extent permitted by law, the warranty does not include repair of failures caused by : 

  • Modification or attachments 
  • Accidents or misuse 
  • Unsuitable physical or operating environment 
  • Maintenance by anyone other than EcoAir or an EcoAir authorised service provider.