Collection & Delivery

by EcoAir
Please contact our customer service by phone : (+44)20 8459 2458 or by email : to get your RMA number.

Dear Customer,

This is EcoAir Dehumidifier Collection & Delivery Service, please contact our customer service by phone : (+44)20 8459 2458 or by email : before you purchase this service. Our customer service will be happy to assist you.

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Note : Please select collection or/and delivery service before your purchase.
Collection & Delivery
Collection Collect the unit from customer's assigned location
Delivery Deliver the unit to customer's assigned location

(Up to 10L/day)
DD1 Mini, DD1 Classic, DD1 Simple, DD3 Classic, DD3 Simple, DD128, DCW10, DCW10 Simple
(11 to 30L/day)
DC12, DC14, DC18, Summit, Summit-S, Essential, Vebo, DC202, Arion 26 L
(More than 30L/day)
 Coming Soon
Portable Air Conditioning Artica 8000 BTU, Crystal 9000 BTU, Gelo 9000 BTU, Apollo 12000 BTU
Split Air Conditioning X Series 9000 BTU, X Series 12000 BTU, X Series 18000 BTU, X Series 24000 BTU, Bravo 24000 BTU