Inverter Air Conditioning 24000BTU Bravo Inverter MK2 (ECO2416SD MK2)

by EcoAir

BRAVO Inverter Split Air Conditioning (ECO2416SD MK2)
Introducing the Bravo Inverter MK2 wall mounted series. The second evolution of these exciting Split Inverter units provide heating and cooling flexibility where you need it most. Impressive A and A+ energy ratings, a stylish design and a plethora of remote controlled functions for precise temperature control. Presented to you with four outstanding specifications, dependent on your needs. Manage your environment and improve the air that you breathe.

G10 INVERTER Technology
Varies the fan speed to aid efficiency 30 - 50 %. Saving versus fixed speed technology.

Ultra Quiet Operation
Starting at 24db(A) (ECO916SD MK2)

One Touch Self Clean Program
This prevents the need for manual cleaning.

Product Features

  • Cooling, Heating & Dehumidify
  • G10 Energy Saving Inverter Technology
  • Heat Pump
  • Ultra Quiet Operation
  • Warm Air Start Function
  • Auto Clean
  • 24 Hour Timer
  • Settings Memory
  • Intelligent Defrosting
  • Sleep Mode
  • Auto Restart
  • 4m Copper Pipe Kit
  • Low Energy Standby (1W)
  • CE Marking To UK & EU

Note: Due to our policy of innovation some specifications may be changed without notification.

Items you will get:

  • Product Unit
  • Remote Control
  • User manual