Artica MK2 & Gelo - WiFi Connection Guide

Step 1: Download App
Download “Ewpe Smart” from your APP store or Google Play.

Step 2 : Add Unit
Step 3: Register

Register an account.

Step 4: Add machine to device list

Select the product type.  Choose Portable Air Conditioner.

Step 5: Pair your App to your Artica MK2 or Gelo

Press the WiFi button on your Artica MK2 or Gelo control panel. Hold down for 10 seconds until you hear a beep sound.

Step 6: Connect your appliance to your WiFi

Ensure you are in close proximity to the router and it is set to 11bg or 20Mhz Bandwidth.

Choose your Wi-Fi connection and enter the password. (Note you can only connect to 2.4Ghz). 

Step 7: Search for your appliance

Click "Search for unit" on the app until your device appears on your app.

Step 8: Your appliance found!

Once your appliance is found you will need to wait a few seconds for the configuration to complete.




You can now connect to your EcoAir device from anywhere in the world via the Internet as long as your EcoAir air conditioning is switched on in Wi-Fi mode.

Trouble shooting

If you are unable to connect automatically at step 4, please reset your router or restart.

I have trouble signing up to the Ewpe Smart App
Ensure you have chosen a correct email address and retry. Change user ID. and retry signing up.

My device does not connect automatically with my air conditioner when initially trying to connect.
Try manually adding your device following the on-screen instructions. Ensure your wireless router is set up to 2.4Ghz and is compatible with 11gb or 20Mhz Bandwidth. Ensure there are no other wireless broadcasts in the same room when trying to connect. Ensure you have correctly entered your home wireless router and password.

The Ewpe App fails to control my air conditioner after already being paired.
Ensure the Wi-Fi mode is turned on, on your air conditioner.


In some cases where you have some security settings on your router you may need to obtain a MAC code for our app.  Our app MAC code is F4911E followed by your own device MAC ID which is a 6 digit Hex Number (denoted as XXXXXX below so that it will look like this : F4911EXXXXXX