DD122FW Meaco Brand Ceases

Issued on behalf of EcoAir

London - August 9, 2011 -- EcoAir today announced that there will be no further production of the DD122FW under the Meaco brand. The DD122FW will now be exclusively distributed in the UK under the Ecoair brand. "Meaco has done a great job in marketing the DD122FW for the past two years." said Sally Fok, Ecoair's marketing director. 

We are proud to continue the DD122FW under the Ecoair brand, thus continuing the excellent track record as a reliable and popular desiccant dehumidifier in the UK.  Quality control and improved after sales support service is a major focus for Ecoair.

The DD122FW family now comprises 4 models, the DD122FW Classic, DD122FW Simple, DD322 Classic and the DD322 Simple. For further details on the DD122FW family, visit http://www.ecoair.org/Desiccant-Dehumidifier.html.

About EcoAir

EcoAir supplies air treatment products such as dehumidifier, heat pump air conditioning, portable air conditioning and air purifier.  EcoAir leads the desiccant dehumidifier innovation by introducing a series of dessicant dehumidifers including electronic and manual control systems.

Environmentally friendly

EcoAir selects its air conditioning and dehumidifiers by carefully taking into account the impact on the environment. EcoAir is constantly researching and developing new products that are more environmentally friendly. We do not carry products that contain harmful gasses that are banned by the EC directive.

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