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New Products – Portable Air Conditioning Crystal and Gelo

New Design, New Features, New Environmentally Friendly Gas yet powerful and energy efficient like old– New domestic portable air conditioning systems for your home. EcoAir is proud to welcome the Crystal and Gelo into our Air Conditioner family. These new...

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EcoAir IFA 2014 Press Release

THE BEST ENGINEERING IN EVERY WAY After years of double-digit growth, EcoAir has expanded its product range to become the leading manufacturer of air care products, such as air conditioners, air purifiers and dehumidifiers, particularly the technologically-advanced desiccant dehumidifier for...

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DD122FW Meaco Brand Ceases

Issued on behalf of EcoAir London - August 9, 2011 -- EcoAir today announced that there will be no further production of the DD122FW under the Meaco brand. The DD122FW will now be exclusively distributed in the UK under the...

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How Does Cold Plasma Works

Issued on behalf of EcoAir London - April 18, 2011 --Cold Plasma - plasma is formed when a modulated electric field is applied to a pair of electrodes. Oxygen molecules in the air that come into contact with the plasma break...

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New Products - Cold Plasma Air Conditioning

Issued on behalf of EcoAir London -April 14, 2011 Cold Plasma stop allergies and viruses, the eco-friendly way With the summer and warmer weather approaching, consumers are being offered an environmentally-friendly way to stay cool and kill off germs and...

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